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When MTR does you dirty

MTR is an excellent tool for identifying packet-loss or latency suspects when troubleshooting networking path issues. However, I’ve seen many who don’t really understand what MTR is doing (or even engineers) act on false positives produced from this tool. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way about MTR and iperf…

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MTU and MSS for IPsec Overhead

A Deep Dive and Byte-for-Byte breakdown of IPsec overhead to aid in calculating MSS Clamping, understanding why it’s needed, and its effects. Whats the difference between MTU and MSS? MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is the largest IP Payload an interface can accept. It applies to the whole IP Packet.…

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Basic API logic app

I’ve been trying to find a good project to really leverage some API’s and even go a step further and implement some server-less functions. I really thought the best application for this would be at work, I mean where else am I going to find a project that needs this…

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Pushing Emerging Threats to ASA

Nothing too crazy, but maybe useful to someone else. I’ve been getting more alerts regarding IP’s coming from the Emerging Threats list, found here. There’s some resources there for automating block rules for some platforms like linux hosts, but nothing like an ASA. Choices for automating an ASA are…

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